Rutz Clovis Point

John Salgado Visit

One summer day in 1991, an old friend named John Salgado from Leavenworth, Washington stopped by to visit my Grandpa. I knew this was going to be fun.

They reminisced about all the crazy things they did as kids. The most outrageous was landing an airplane on the main street of Georgetown, California. I can't even imagine it happening to this day.

After awhile John asked whatever happened to the spear point that Les Kreis had found in Washington. Grandpa told him that he had it and went in the house and got it. John went to his car and came back with a newspaper.

John told about going to this exhibit at the North Central Washington Museum and the points that they found in Wenatchee made him remember about the point that Les had found years ago on Badger Mountain. They compared the pictures in the newspaper with the point and sure enough they did appear to be somewhat the same.

So almost 40 years after it was found and put in a sock, it became known as the Rutz Clovis Point.


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